Monday, May 23, 2011

The Children's Code Rewrite-Why Should I Care?

Georgia's juvenile code is so important! It sets up our juvenile courts and tells judges, lawyers, DFCS caseworkers, and others what should happen when a child has to go to court for deprivation and delinquency cases. It also covers Independent Living Services and emancipation.

There are several reasons that the Young Lawyer's Division of the State Bar of Georgia and the JUSTGeorgia coalition are working on a rewrite of the juvenile code. One example is that the juvenile code Georgia has in place now was written over 40 years ago and enacted in 1971. A lot of changes have occurred since then!  

You can learn more about the Children's Code Rewrite on JUSTGeorgia's website where they include short and long summaries of the bill and explainations of the changes that would be made to the current Juvenile Code. 

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