Monday, June 27, 2011

A Spark of Inspiration Part 2: Prove all the Doubters Wrong!

This is the second part of our interview with Sir Aaron Mason, director of Jay's Legacy Youth Wellness Center and author of the Becoming Sir blog. If you haven't yet checked out his story, read our review here! In his latest post Quality vs. Quantity he touches on the "negative stimga" that foster care carries and shares an experience with a staff member at a group home that was short-lived but tremendously impactful.

EmpoweMEnt's JUSTGeorgia Crew: How have the stereotypes surrounding foster care impacted you personally?

Sir Aaron Mason: Stereotypes of children in foster care have had significant impact in my life. Many times people count foster children out not thinking that they would amount to much. Seeing that there were people out there whom thought that I was destined to fail instilled a desire within to want to succeed. Their doubt became my fuel for success. 

My ability to overcome the many stereotypes that people view of children in foster care has also helped me in my professional career. When interviewing for a job, I do not hesitate to share my background. Many supervisors out there especially in the human services field see countless cycles of failure amongst the children they serve, when I sit down with them and tell them, “hey! I have been through what these kids are going through, I have overcame the obstacles that they are facing, and I have made something of myself”, they are reminded why they really began working in Human Services field in the first place. 

So, work hard to break through those barriers and stereotypes of foster care and make something of yourself, prove all the doubters wrong!

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