Monday, July 4, 2011

MVP: Ashley Hawkins

This Independence Day, we are proud to announce our very first MVP of EmpowerMEnt's JUSTGeorgia Team-Ashley Hawkins!!! If have been a member of the EmpowerMEnt family for long, you undoubtedly have met the Hawkins Boys. Ashley is an advocate that had an incredibly positive expereince with foster care in Georgia and still dedicates his time and his voice to improve outcomes for others. He has been an influential member of the JUSTGeorgia team and is never shy around a mic!

Ashley speaking at our Youth Justice BBQ

Age: 21

Hometown: I'm from Atlanta but was raised in Upson County Ga. 

EmpowerMEnt Region: I represent region 13.

JUSTGeorgia Team Involvement: I was one of the guys who help write the mission statement of JUSTGeorgia. I also help design the logo. I guess you can say I helped form JUSTGeorgia.

Thoughts on the Children's Code Rewrite: I think what JUSTGeorgia is doing is Awesome!! The Children's Code definitely needs a rewrite. It hasnt been updated since the 70's. We all know things have changed dramatically since then. I hope that we can help accommodate all youth with our suggestions for the rewrite. 

Ashley and Alexander Hawkins

"My experience in foster care was great. The caseworkers, supervisors, and director of Upson County DFCS are amazing people. They were and still are very supportive of my brothers and I, and did their jobs very well. My foster parent is one of the best in the United States of America. He fought for our rights and treated us as though we were his own. I love him like a father and consider him as so. He did things I know no other foster parent would do for us. Because of him The Hawkins Boys are who we are today." Ashley Hawkins

Congratuations Ashley Hawkins and thank you for your contribution to our team! 

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